There are some industries that require water and gas to be properly and accurately measured and flow meters can be very beneficial for this. They can be used for a lot of things and can apply to various industries as well. 

Ultrasonic flow meters use remote ultrasonic signals that are sent through liquid. The echoes will then be received after the signs reflect off the bubbles and other discontinuities in the liquid. Through this, the speed of the liquid flow can be determined. These can also be used in various household and industrial applications. 

These flow meters can be used with waste water, pure water, oil, liquid gases, and chemicals. Some off shore oil platforms take advantage of these ultrasonic flow meter clamp on in order to determine the speed of the oil flow that is being pumped from the ocean floor. This is more beneficial since you wouldn't need to change pipe structure and you can also work with them in various conditions. Other places where these flow meters are useful include food, sewage, and mining industries. 

Ultrasonic flow meters are advantageous since they can be operated even from remote locations. They are also easily manufactured and installed whenever they are needed. They are also considered eco friendly since they don't add to noise pollution and they also don't cause environmental pollution. 

Whatever the kind or type of gas or liquid, flow water meter can be used to measure the flow. Accurate flow data can be obtained because of these meters and this information is usually of high importance in different industries. The principle they work on is based on ultrasonic waves and their transmission and reception in piped walls. 

When it comes to steam, it could be very hard to measure because it has a high temperature and high pressure. Measurement parameters are varying and are not constant and would also differ depending on the kind of steam. Types of steam include wet steam, saturated steam, and superheated steam. Vortex flow meters can measure steam since it has a wider range ability and they can also measure different velocities. Power plants have great use of these especially for their boiler rooms. 


Ultrasonic flow meters are more popular and beneficial to various industries and so they are more widely used compared to conventional flow meters. They may require more initial investment but in the long run, they would provide more long term benefits.